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Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Company:

Fresh Fibers

Cleaning a carpet might seem easy until you begin the process, and that is why there are professional businesses to call for this task. There are good reasons to have your carpets cleaned on a routine basis, including keeping the fibers looking fresh. The debris that people track inside on their shoes seeps into a carpet’s fibers to reach the bottom layers. Despite removing footwear when entering a home, dust enters through open doorways and windows to make carpets filthy. Climate-control equipment inside a building may have filters, but some dirt is still suctioned into a home or business to settle on carpets.

Remove Odors

Efficient carpet cleaning processes are designed to remove dirt layers, deeply embedded stains and unpleasant odors to help a room look more attractive. After carpets are cleaned thoroughly, the individuals inside a home or business feel better because pollen and pet dander are removed from fibers. In the past, the only way to shampoo carpets was with large amounts of water and harsh detergents that created a sopping wet surface that was difficult to dry. Unfortunately, this meant that you had to wait for a day or more for carpets to dry, making it impossible to walk on the surfaces. Unless a room with wet carpet has constant air circulation, the carpet would develop a horrible mildew odor.

Removing Pathogens

Today, there are modern techniques to shampoo wall-to-wall carpets or area rugs at residential or commercial properties without using large amounts of water. Steam cleaning is one of the most popular ways to clean carpets because it loosens dirt from fibers while eliminating pathogens such as molds, insects and bacteria. Because dirty carpets are often a breeding ground for living organisms, steam cleaning is frequently requested. After carpets are cleaned with steam, extraction machines suction moisture to ensure fibers dry rapidly to prevent horrible odors. Give our Las Vegas carpet cleaning experts a call today!

Eliminating Stains

Technicians who clean carpets know that before beginning to sanitize fibers with steam, it is important to focus on high traffic areas near doorways and windows along with treating stains caused by beverages, food or pet waste. The best way to shampoo carpets is by removing as many items as possible in order to sanitize fibers that are located underneath large pieces of furniture or appliances. The technicians must protect wood and tile floors with tarps and move furniture while working to clean your carpets.

Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning Company:

You probably clean most areas of your house on a regular basis, but what about your air ducts? They’re a part of your home’s heating and cooling system and they need to be cleaned regularly as well to maintain a proper indoor air quality and prevent what is called indoor air pollution. This form of pollution can have an impact on your health, especially if you suffer from asthma.

When air duct cleaning is mentioned, this generally refers to cleaning various parts of your home’s forced air systems. Therefore, cleaning isn’t limited to just the ducts themselves, but also to the grilles, fan motors and other components. Just like any part of your home, these components will need regular care and maintenance to continue operating at their maximum possible efficiency.

Your home’s HVAC system moves a lot of air every day that it is used. Over time, contamination consisting of dust, pollen and various other kinds of debris will start building up. Sometimes, small objects, such as scraps of paper or toys can fall into the ducting and cause it to become clogged in some places. An even bigger problem will occur when there is moisture or condensation in your system, as this can cause mold growth. Once a mold infestation in the air ducts gets too severe, it can rapidly spread to other areas of the house. When this happens, costly and time consuming mold remediation work will be required.

Another important element to consider is that HVAC systems work best when they are clean. If your ducts are clogged with debris, the system may have to work a lot harder to deliver air to the right places in your home. This will have a direct impact on your energy costs. Remember that a clean system will always be more energy efficient.

A professional duct cleaning company will have the right tools, products and expertise to clean all parts of your HVAC system in the most efficient way possible. They will first perform an inspection to see which parts of your system need the most attention. Then, they will get to work, cleaning out your ducting and the other HVAC system components so that they can be as clean as when they were first installed in your home.